Do you have a mascot in your logo for this purpose?

The purpose of a mascot in your logo is, among many others, to make it much easier to remember and to recognize your brand while helping your potential customers feel more identified with your logo, and therefore with your brand or business.

Can I also get the editable file of my logo?

Of course, at the end of our work we will send you your logo in different formats and among them in its original format.

Are all the logos original?

Of course, in Zentica we do not work with templates or prefabricated elements, each and every one of the logos created by Zentica are unique and exclusive and are created only for you and your business.

How many logo proposals will I receive?

As many as necessary until we leave you speechless.

How long will it take to get my new logo?

We will start creating proposals from the day after you hire them, since it is necessary to first study what type of logo best suits your business, what characteristic features it should have, colors, etc. Once the initial guide has been drawn up, you will constantly be able to see the proposals for your new logo.