Will I receive any kind of report on the contents being generated?

Yes of course, every time your CopyWriter generates new content it will send you a link to the created content.

Will I have direct contact with the CopyWriter that is generating my content?

Yes, of course, once you have contracted the service by accessing your client area you will be able to see all your contracted services. By clicking on each one of them you will be able to see the expert assigned in each case as well as the direct contact details.

In which languages is this online content creation service available?

This service is available in Spanish, Galician, Basque, Catalan, Portuguese, French, English, Italian, German and Russian.

What kind of content can my copywriter create?

Your copywriter will generate all types of content, from reviewing, re-structuring and writing your website texts, to creating relevant daily content on your blog and social networks. You will also be able to ask him to write any other text or document that is not in online format, such as a contract, a letter, an email, a quote. Any content that is composed of words, your copywriter will be able to help you, you will do well and you will get to be different, unique and referent.